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〜 Water difference is related to the Rust difference !? 〜

Last day, I leafed through a pamphlet of hot spring water.Then I found an interesting article and pictures, which titled "The Water Which Doesn't Rust Iron, Nail, and Clip". But is it really possible? Now, let's start the experiment by using various kind of water.


  • new clips
  • 4 bottles (30ml)
  • tap water (about +440mv)
  • "purified water" that made by power-off reduced water maker (about +870mv)
  • "acidic water (about pH4)" (about+870mv)
  • "activated hydrogen water (about ph10)" (about -300mv)
  • machine:Electrolyzed Reduced Water Maker "Alkaline Master(meijin)"(Japanese page)

Payed Attention to...

  • not to touch the clips with bare hands.
  • wash the bottles 5 times by each kind of the waters before pouring.
  • fill up the bottles with each kind of the waters not to be entered by air.
  • put the bottles by the sunny window, equally.
  • check the clips covered with rust without touching the bottles.

Experiment Start

Put the bottles (four types of the waters and clips each inside)by a sunny window. "Tap water ("水道")", "purified water ("浄水")", "acidic water ("酸性")", and "reduced water ("還元水")"from left to right. ※There are some clips bottom of the bottles.


4 Days Later

実After four days from the experiment started, there are some changes in each bottles. Look at the photo. You see, the acidic water's are the best rust collector. Because acidic water has great oxidation power, metals in that water are easy to gather rust. Tap water's and purified water's are roughly equal. How about reduced water? Surprisingly, no rust is in the bottle!! Then, how long do the clips in reduced water take to gather rust?
※To show the condition inside of the bottle better, we moved and put them on the white paper.


11 Days Later

After 11 days from the experiment started.
Both tap water's and purified water's are gathering rust, equally. Acidic water's are still number one rust collector. And the water already starts to be muddy. Reduced water's clips have no rust and are clean as before.


1 Month Later

After 1 month from th experiment started. However, it seems that reduced water's clips isn't in mood to gather rust, yet. Tap water's and purified water's are completely rusted. We think it is needless to say about acidic's.


3 Months Later

After 3 months from the experiment started. This time, to show the differences clearly, we shaked the bottles before taking this picture. 3 of the 4 bottles, tap water, purified water, and acidic water get muddy. But reduced water is clear.



We formerly hadn't a doubt in the world that water rusts metals. However, through this experiment, we finally learn that the cause of rusting is oxidizability of water but is not water itself. By the way, till when will the clips in reduced water keep clean?

※In this experiment, Electrolyzed Reduced Water Maker "Alkaline Master(meijin)"(Japanese page) is used.

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