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Dissolved Hydrogen Meter KM2100DH



Dissolved Hydrogen (Hydrogen Concentration) Meter KM2100DHH

standard price \ 275,000 (extra posting cost will be added)

produced by Kyoh-ei Electronic Labo limited corporation

Dissolved Hydrogen Meter KM2100DH is a light and compact degital DH meter with display pannel (96mm high*96mm wide*116mm deep). It became possible to measure dissolved hydrogen in a raminate pack or an alminium bottle of hydrogen water, (electrolized water), activated hydrogen water, and alkali water.
This meter is composed of the body and membrane polarogaraphic electrode. A Flowcell (running water meter) is available as an option.

Characteristic of Dissolved Hydrogen Meter

  • It can measure from 0 to 2.00ppm(0~2.00mg/L) or 0 to 1999ppb(0~1999μg/L).
  • The direct use of pump or solenoid valve became possible for output contact by installing large capacity contact relay(AC250A 5A).
  • Because large sized (15mm) high brightness LEDs are used for degital number display, it became more easy to read the quantity of dissolved hydrogen in the water.

For Measuring Stored Hydrogen Water...

Dissolved Hydrogen Meter ¥275,000
Dissolved Hydrogen Electrode ¥137,500
Stirrer Set ¥26,400
Stirrer Set total ¥438,900

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For Measuring Running Water...

Dissolved Water Meter ¥275,000
Dissolved Water Electrode ¥137,500
Flowcell + Stand ¥88,000
Flowcell Set total ¥500,500

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Product's Name Dissolved Hydrogen Monitor KM2100DH The Output of Warning Alarm max, min 1c
The Object of Measurement dissolved hydrogen in liquid solution Contact Capacity of Output AC250V 5A (resistance load)
The Method of Measurement Membrane Polarographic Electrode Power Supply AC100/110±10% 50/60Hz
Measurement Range(ppm) 0~2.00mg/L Power Consumption less than7VA
Measurement Range(ppb) 0~1999μg/L Surrounding Temperature 0~50℃
Flow Rate of the Sample 20~200mL/min (less than 100mL/min recommend) Humidity 8less than 85% without condensation
Temperature 0~50℃ Material of Contact Part glass, PVC, epoxy resin, Pt, Ag
Power Transmission DC4-20mA non-insulated, less than 500Ω resistance Size 98mm high*98mm wide*134mm deep
Weight about 1kg Material of the Case spc t=0.8 black painted (glay option)

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