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Floating Fine Particles Check / Water Quality Testing Equipment

クリーンチェッカー CCW-101-L

Floating Fine Particles Check / Water Quality Testing Equipment

Clean Checker CCW-101-L

standard price 32,780 yen (exclusive of postage)

sold by Ohno Industrial Laboratory


for comparison of before-and-after purification of water quality

for check of floating fine particles in a clean room

for check of floating PM2.5 and other particle  etc...


Clean Checker CCW-101-L specification

SIZE 258(L)×33(W)×55(H)mm
BATTERY 1.5V sizeAA alkaline battery×6 LIGHT: LED (3.5V 0.35A)
LIGHT LED (3.5V 0.35A)
USE CONSUMPTION 【Lamp】40,000h 【Battery】about 6months(if you use several times in a day)
LENS 4 eyepieces and 1 light condensing part
SWITCH push type
MATERIAL acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin
STORAGE BOX hard case
COVER decorative sleeve

About Water Quality Test
2 testing glass bottles are appurtenances of Clean Checker. You can compare tap water, well water, purified water, etc by using them.

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