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TYH-303 - Continuous KANGEN Water and Strong Acidic Water Generator

One press of the button makes the most suitable water
for various purposees-for your health, healthy skin and germ-free washing.

Continuous KANGEN Water and Strong Acidic Water Generator


TYH-303 Important points.


Equipped with five electrode plates.
Quite a lot of good water will be produced.
It is possible to produce a good amount of electrolyzed water with the ORP value in the range of +1130mV and -800mV. This design is made possible by loading an electrolytic cell with five electrode plates that use electrodes made of platinum plated titanium. (Depending on the choice of resulting water and original water)
Sufficient processing capacity
Because of large size electrol cell, this system can produce KANGEN Water at 0.92 to 1.85 gal. /min. and Strong Acidic Water at 0.13 to 0.26 gal. /min. (In case the water supply pressure is 0.2Mpa.) For producing KANGEN Water, operation can be performed continuously for about 60 min. at room temperature.
Self-cleaning function reduces your nuisance.
This function cleans the cell inside automatically, removing calcium adhered on the electrode. After producing Strong Acidic Water, it cleans itself for about 30 seconds before starting next run.
You will be prompted by a voice and large LCD display.
You will be nolified by a large-sized liquid crystal display[CD] and the voice prompted guide. Easy to use one-touch panel.
A clear, large-sized LCD and voice prompts will inform you of the water being produced (kangen water,acidic water, strong acidic water, or clean water) and necessary information. The operation is very easy, because you only need to touch a button to power up or down or to select the type of water you would like to obtain. ※When the flexible pipe is releasing kangen water, the secondary hose releases acidic water simultaneously. Similarly, when the flexible pipe is releasing Strong kangen water, the secondary hose discharges Strong acidic water (The flexble pipe releases acidic water only when you push the button for acidic water.)
The three-layered, high-powered water cleaning filter creating delicious water.
You will be able to use your watercleaning filter until the total amount of water the filter has treated reaches around 3,000 gallons. That is to say, you can use it for six months supposing you use around 16 gallons of water per day. (This period differs depending on the quality and amount of water.) you will be notified by the LCD, voice prompts, and alarm when it is time to exchange the filter. The three-Iayered, high-powered water cleaning filter removes matters such as lead, remaining chlorine (bleaching powder), effluvium, rust, and impurity, and still keeps minerals.

SANASTEC TYH-303 parts name

[ TYH-303 ] Standard Specifications

item name TYH-303
Feed watr specs
and connection
One way diverter
Power supply ~120V 60Hz
Rated current 2.0A
Power cunsumption Apporox. 200W (If production is done at H KANGEN Water pH level)
Main unit dimensions 12.01(H) × 9.61(W) × 7.48(D) inch
weight 13.2 lbs
Ionizing system Continuous ionzing system (flow rate sensor buit-in)
Electrolysis Treatment
KANGEN Water : 0.92-1.85gal. / min.
(Feed watr pressure Approx. 0.2 MPa)(Apporox. 2.0kgf/cm2)
Strong Acidic Water : 0.13-0.26gal. / min.
(about 1.32gal. processed per ionizing accelerator (sodium chloride) charge.)
7 levels KANGEN Water at 3 levels (Apporox. pH8.5 ~ pH9.5)
CLEAN Water (Neutral. pH7.0)
Acidic Water (Approx. pH5.5 ~ pH6.5)
Strong Acidic Water (Approx. pH2.3 ~ 2.7)
Strong KANGEN Water (Approx. pH10.0 ~ )
At room temperature : KANGEN Water for about 60 min /Strong Acidic Water for about 30 min.
of ionizing cell
Automatic cleaning system
of electrode
and ionizing cell
Platinum-plated titanium
Filter material Granulated antibacterial activated charcoal, calcium sulfite
3,158gal ( 0.4ppm against 2ppm tap water )
More than 95%
Lead About 1,579gal
Metal ions dissolved in original tap water
Service Iife Replacement shall be notified after one year or after running 3,158gal. of water. ( Varies depending on the water quality )
Applicable water pressure 0.07 MPa - 0.5 MPa ( Approx. 0.7 kgf/cm2 - 5.0 kgf/cm2)
Ionizing accelerator
(for Strong Acidic Water
Forced dissolving adding type (1 dose of NaCl added produces approx. 1.32gal. of Strong Acidic Water production)
Lonizing Accelerator
( sodium chloride )
re-fill need indication
Indicates by Voice, buzzer and LCD
Safety provision Over-current, overvoltage control circuit ( Switching power supply)

* Specfications and design subject to change for product improvements with notice.

* The electrolytic processing capacity and the filter service life largely depend on the water quality or how the machine was used.

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