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Hydrogen inhalation machine "La Briller LUXE"

We're supporting making hydrogen inhalation a new habit!

La Briller LUXE enables to make hydrogen drink while hydrogen inhalation.

水素吸入器 ラブリエリュクス

Hydrogen inhalation machine・hydrogen water generator.
Selling agency TANAH PROCESS

2015 was called "the bugging year of hydrogen".

TOYOTA Motor Corporation launched "Mirai" which has fuel cells for automobiles that produce energy by reacting hydrogen with oxygen in the atmosphere. We've still got some problem to solve such as process of generating hydrogen or constructing hydrogen station, Japan is working hard for widespread use of hydrogen energy as an initiative to stop global warming and strengthen its own economy.

Meanwhile, La Briller LUXE which generates hydrogen gas by electrolysis was developed for relaxation at home, therapy or treatment at medical institution and clinic as the most efficiently way to capture hydrogen to a human body.Now that the total medical expenses of Japan is going to exceed 40 trillion yen, hydrogen inhalation with the ability to remove surplus active oxygen in the body is spreading rapidly for health care and home.


Generates hydrogen for 3 litter of hydrogen water in 1 minutes.

La Briller LUXE generates about 60ml of high concentration hydrogen water per minute. That is 1.5 times more than the conventional product "LaBriller HA-001". You can take the amount of hydrogen in 1 minute that is equivalent to drink 3 liter of high concentration hydrogen water. Drinking 3 liter of water is such a big effort, but fortunately you don't need to be bothered anymore because of La Briller LUXE.

In a gym, office or home, you can use the machine anywhere you want.


※ The color of the neck sets is black and white.

Bubble any drink!

Since pure high concentration hydrogen water directs to the drink through a straw, you can enjoy any drink with hydrogen. Moreover, you can hydrogen hot drinks and what if hydrogen in the drink has gone, you can re-bubble and drink it with hydrogen.


Aluminum or stainless steel bottles are good at carrying hydrogen water

Hydrogen dissolved in water gradually fall out in the air, so that its best to drink it fresh. Sometimes you might want some in advance for whatever purposes.However the hydrogen concentration gets lower steadily if you just leave the water in a cup without a lid as you can see the graph.



With keep it in a stainless or aluminum bottle, the hydrogen concentration barely low for 3 days. It's very useful when you carry it outside.

水素水が飲める 水素吸引できるラブリエリュクス

Hydrogen inhaler, hydrogen treatment device, hydrogen therapy machine,La Briller Luxe specification.

Product name / part number La Briller Luxe HA-002 method electrolysis hydrogen bubbling system.
Power AC adapter 5V amount of hydrogen gas generated average 60ml / minute
Rated voltage and frequency AC100V ・ 50 / 60Hz amount of hydrogen gas generated. More than 98%
Power consumption 40W size (mm) W186×D190×H408
    weight: 2kg
Accessories Special bottle 600ml / hydrogen water generator for bottle lid / hydrogen inhalation for the bottle lid / purified water 500mlx3 lines / electrolytic auxiliary liquid 140ml × 3 lines / dedicated straw 100 / cup cover / cannula connection tube / dedicated cannula / nose pad for cannula 6

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