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NSF certificated cartridge filter adopted.Hydrogen water conditioner with water purify function.

浄水機能付き水素水生成器 HIKARION H-1

PEM method adopted. H-1 is "One of a kind"

Fiat ability performance which goes for over 20 years is the essence of the transiently high concentration hydrogen water generator "Hikarion".


Pure water supply unit for hydrogen generation.
Generates pure water in the reverse osmosis membrane(ROM) as the pre-step.
Hydrogen generation unit
The electrolysis cell with *PEM method raises 99.9% purity hydrogen efficiently.
Mixing ? Dissolving unit
The mixture algorithm of gas and liquid adopted. Dissolution repeats four times and then produce high concentration of hydrogen water.

PEM method・・・ Proton Exchange Membrane method (Proton Exchange Membrane) method

Certificated by 

The usual hydrogen water generators in the market need the step such as poring mineral water in the body or sending purified water from a water purifier to the body. Fortunately Haikarion H-1 doesn't need you to make such an effort anymore. In our process, it purifies tap water by its NSF certificated filter and produce hydrogen straight away. Also you don't need to accumulate large amount of purified water in the tank at a time as you do with a normal generator. What you need to do is just simply pressing the water intake cock of the body, then you'll be able to generate and drink your favorite amount of hydrogen water. Moreover, since it generates with room temperature, there won't be no too hot or cold bothering to drink.



Pre-carbon filter.
We adopted block carbon with special water purification capacity. Efficiently removes Residual chlorine, mold odor, organic substance and other bad stuff from in the tap water.


U/F Equipped hollow fiber membrane.
Equipped hollow fiber membrane even removes 0.01~0.1μm sized tiny impurity.

Simple steps to use.

HIKARION H-1の使い方は簡単

Hydrogen water generator HIKARION (Hikarion) H-1 specification.


【Body specification】

Model SH-500H
Name PEM system hydrogen water conditioner HIKARION H-1
Power 100〜240V、DC12V、5A(50/60Hz)
Power consumption 65W
Operating system electronic control system
For the purpose of use home for drinking
Conditions of use allowable waterpressure:0.2MPa〜0.4MPa
Allowable water temperature:5℃〜40℃
Dimensions Width 131 × depth 349 × height 336 (mm)
weight 4.5Kg ※without passing water

【Cartridge specification】

Model SH-08CU
Name pre-carbon filter U/F membrane filter
Body material PP (polypropylene)
Content material block carbon (coconut shell activated carbon) hollow fiber membrane (polysulfone)
Water purification capability 1,800L
Size diameter 67 × height 203 (mm)
weight 270g ※without passing water 240g ※without passing water

※The exchange period will depend on water quality conditions or the amount of water use.

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