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Rechargeable mobile Hydrogen water generator【H2plus】

充電式携帯水素水生成器 エイチツープラス【H2plus】

H2 plus is Japanese mobile hydrogen water generator.

H2plus is not the first invention of the industry however it has high quality for its safety of the container and handiness.

【1】We use toughened glass as the container which is even used for feeding bottles for baby.

There is no need to concern about breaking it by poring boiling water or leaving the water in it for long time.


【2】You can charge it from an outlet even or a USB or your laptop.

You can also use it even if it's still being charged.

コンセント USB接続で充電可能

Dissolved hydrogen test of H2 plus (in-company test)

One push (for 4 minutes)740ppb (0.74ppm)
dissolved hydrogen measured.

Two pushes (for 8minutes)Over 1000ppb (1ppm)
dissolved hydrogen measured.

(Dissolved Hydrogen Meter KM2100DH Use raw water in Asahi-ward,Yokohama)

Rechargeable mobile Hydrogen water generator【H2plus】

Name mobile rechargeable hydrogen water generator H2 plus
Size Diameter: 66mm Height:245mm
Weight 410g
Capacity 450ml
Material PP, stainless steel, toughened glass, titanium platinum-plated, titanium, silicon and other
Accessories AC adapter with an USB cord (7.4V 950mA / h)
Hydrogen concentration 0.9ppm (※ depends on the water quality)
Power consumption power AC100V ~ 240V 50Hz / 60Hz output: DC5V 1.0A
Battery lithium battery
Charging time about 3 to 4 hours (full charge time)
Continuous use time For 4 minutes mode: about 20 times to 30 times

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