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Inhalation machine of safe concentration hydrogen(hydrogen generator) Aroma Hydrogen Generator.

supervised by Dr. Shuto director of Omotesando Shuto Clinic.

Aroma hydrogen generator


Aroma hydrogen generator was born by the joint development with a doctor.

You can inhale hydrogen, while enjoying the smell of aroma oil.

表参道首藤クリニック 首藤院長
Supervisor Dr. Shoto
Omotesando Shuto-clinic official site

"I produced this from a consumer's perspective".

Under the supervision by Dr. Shuto Shinsuke, pioneer of hydrogen hyperthermia immunotherapy, We have succeeded in development of inhalation machine of safe concentration hydrogen gas.

Excellent characters of the aroma hydrogen generator.

Capability of more than 60 minutes of continuos operation.
You're now available to enjoy both hydrogen gas inhalation and aroma therapy all at once by setting the original instrument and filling aroma oil.
You don't need to worry about the heat for continuous operation which causes stopping electrolysis. Our hydrogen generating engine can keep working for more than 60 minutes without heat.
Quick start-up
Once you turn it on, it'll start working immediately and be ready for inhalation.No waiting needed.
Easy to use. Small and light.
No complicated manual or instruction. Easy for anyone to use. You can see bubble out of hydrogen gas when it's generating even the night time because of its LED lamp.
High safety rate.
The generator only supplies less than 4% of hydrogen gas(generally 2.5 to 3.5%) which has no risk of catching fire. According to our survey, with the machine working for 60 minutes, it supplies 64.7mg of hydrogen gas which equivalent to "drinking 107 of 500ml bottles of 1.2ppm high hydrogen concentration water".
Affordable running cost
Aroma Hydrogen Generator is produced to low running cost. Even if you use it for 1 hour every single day, the electronic cost is going to be only about 25yen. It uses electrolytic method, so that it only needs you to refill purified water in several months that you can purchase at a pharmacy for about 100yen. Also the "Ca-nyura" (nose tube) for inhalation is can be purchased at a normal online store for around 500~1000yen.

Aroma hydrogen generator specification.

Model number TR-SS3001
Commodity ドクター首藤H2ジェネレーター
hydrogen water generating method electrolysis hydrogen gas generation method.(ion-exchange membrane method)
Hydrogen purity and developmental amount 99.9%・650ml / minute
Timer function 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes (selectable)
Used water purified water
Aroma casesheeran included
Power requirements AC adapter (input AC100V / output DC12V) ・ about 30W
Size and body weight width 190mm × depth 250mm × height 230mm ・ about 4.2kg

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