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Wonderful hydrogen water generator [ aquela blue ]

電解飽和水素水生成器 アキュエラブルー aquela blue

Wonderful hydrogen water generator

アキュエラブルー aquela blue

Made by ecomo International co.,LTD.

Passion of the developers made it possible to hydrogen dissolved of 1.6 ppm, which boasts the top hydrogen water generator!

We introduce the character of “aquela blue”, establishmented in 1991,have sale and maintenance as the regular agency still 2007.

Electrolytic saturated hydrogen water generator aquela blue is a genetator to increase the hydrogen concentation while suppressing the increase of the pH in a unique electrolysis method. It can create hydrogen water with a reducing power per minute from 1.3 to 1.5liters. In addition, it is adopted the electrode plate of platinum-plated for the electrolyzer and the finest of the cation exchange membrane for diaphragm. All parts is used that have been carefully selected for the precision equipment. Therefore, it achive a functionality, safety and durability.

We able to generate hydrogen water all you want with water filter, mineral water, natural water everywhere! Because, it need not conenect to the water tap.

Aquela blue have electoronic technorogy of the licence.

電解飽和水素水生成器アキュエラブルー 特許電解技術

The mechanism of Aquela blue is …

Hydrogen is born by negative pole.

The electrolyzer of aquela blue(JAPAN:licenceNO.3349710,CANADA:NO.2770199,USA:NO.6251259B1) is different from original electrolyzer used for alkali ions generator, there are only negative pole room, but no positive pole . To configure positive pole able to perform function of negative pole only without leaking water outside. We success to generate rich hydrogen volume and hydrogen water not improving oxygen neutral reguration by this special electrolyzer. Like alkali ions, It don’t generate acidic water(It often become “discarded water”)

Hydrogen and pH of reration

As alkali ion water generator and Electrolytic saturated hydrogen water generator, it’s too high pH value not to suit water for drink. On the contrary, It can melt hydrogen at high concentration while maintaining. It mean able to use efficiently energy given water and dissolved hydrogen in super saturation. This is outcome born by original electrolyser (“aquela engine”)

Dissolved hydrogen meter DHD1-1

  aquela blue tap water alkali ion water
pH level 7.85 7.0 10.0
ORP -550mV +400mV -100mV
DO 4〜5ppm 8ppm 8ppm
DH 1.6ppm以上 0ppm 0.1〜0.2ppm

Easy way to use aquela blue


Hydrogen water of aquela blue pour in the hydrogen water bottle, and take it out for work out,out door!!


Water suitable when making hydrogen water

Water not suitable for making hydrogen water

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