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Hydrogen Water Maker (Hydrogen Water Server)

aquela blue

Aquela Blue
Ecomo International
With keeping neutral region of water which is good for human body, Aquela Blue bring up concentration of hydrogen. It can make 1.3 to 1.5 liter hydrogen water which has really strong at reducing per a minute.

Labriller LUXE

Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Labriller LUXE
Tanah Process
Labriller LUXE can bring hydrogen of three liter hydrogen water directly into your body in 1 minute and it can also bring 1.5 times larger amount of hydrogen gas than conventional product (HA-001).

Labriller LUXE

High Concentration Hydrogen Water Generator Hikarion
NSF certificated cartridge filter adopted.Hydrogen water conditioner with water purify function.

Labriller LUXE

Inhalation machine of safe concentration hydrogen(hydrogen generator) aroma hydrogen generator
TR and K
Under the supervision by Dr. Shuto Shinsuke, pioneer of hydrogen hyperthermia immunotherapy, The company has succeeded in development of inhalation machine of safe concentration hydrogen gas.


Mobile Hydrogen Water Generator H2Plus
【Made in Japan】H2plus is not the first invention of the industry however it has high quality for its safety of the container and handiness.

active bio II

Active Bio II (Active Bio II)(Japanese page)
Active Bio II can serve you top-level hydrogen concentrated water in this business world by its original structure. This is a novel idea, hydrogen rich water purifier.

Aurora plus

Aurora Plus(Japanese page)
Aurora Plus can make hydrogen water that has dissolved water over 700ppb only in eleven minutes. This is a pitcher type of hydrogen water server.

H Plus Gold

Hydrogen Water Maker H Plus Gold (Japanese page)
H Plus Gold makes 0.7mg/L hydrogen concentrated water steadily by electrolysis.


SPA-H(Japanese page)
Spa-H always makes steady hydrogen by a special FEP circuit (patent penting).


Lourdes(Japanese page)
Lourdes does double duty. It makes hydrogen rich water (1.2ppm hydrogen concentration in the water) with one push and also, it makes ozon water by the press-and-hold operation.

greening spa

High Concentration Hydrogen Bath Greening Spa(Japanese page)
Synergy Trading
After switch on, about 1600 ppb~2000 ppb hydrogen molecules will be generated. Greening spa bring hydrogen into your body through your skin. With exclusive bowl, it also plays a part of facial care.

H-plus Slim

Hydrogen Water Server H-plus Slim (Japanese page)
H plus Slim is a space-saving model, therefore, you can install it anywhere. Width is about 29cm and it changes the water into cool/warm hydrogen water.

Hydrogen Water under a Kitchen Sink (built-in type)


"e-Grande" Electonize Hydrogen Water Maker(Japanese page)
E-grande makes hydrogen rich water by large electrolytic cell from the 90mm depth body.

Active Bio II

Active Bio II built-in set(Japanese page)
"If only Active Bio has a built-in type..." This product will meet such a demand.

Mineral Hydrogen Water


"SUIREX" Reduced Hydrogen Water Maker(Japanese page)
Cosmos Enterprise
Hydrogen water will permeate into your body.

RXM Mineral Exchange Reduced Hydrogen Water Generator

"RXM (Wrexham)" Mineral Exchange Reduced Hydrogen Water Generator(Japanese page)
NAPA Engineering
RXM can make mineral exchange reduced hydrogen water with high reducing power easily at home.


"Healing H2" Reduced (kangen) Hydrogen Water Maker(Japanese page)
Sho-wa Electronic Industry
Healing H2 adopts titanium and expensive platinum as its electrodes to make hydrogen rich water. Pour water and push the button. That's all to use this product!!

Blessing from Nature Neutral Electrolyzed water

"Blessing from Nature" Neutral Electrolyzed water(Japanese page)
By original structure of electrode, Blessing from Nature can make neutral electrolyzed reduced water from tap water anytime.

Miracle Fountain Hydrogen Water Pot

"Miracle Fountain" Hydrogen Water Pot(Japanese page)
Sui Sei Industry
Miracle Fountain is a pot type hydrogen water maker with circulation system. Push the button, then after 10 minutes, tap water will change into hydrogen water.

"Pocket" portable Hydrogen Water Bottle(Japanese page)
At home, at gym, at office, on a journey, Pocket can make and drink hydrogen water anywhere else!! This product is charging-type.

Strong acidic water (strong electrolytic water) generator.

TYH-303 Continuous KANGEN Water and Strong Acidic Water Generator

"TYH-303" Continuous KANGEN Water and Strong Acidic Water Generator
One press of the button makes the most suitable water for various purposees-for your health, healthy skin and germ-free washing.

Strong acidic water generator Altron

Strong acidic water generator Altron
ALTEC Corporation
Even small size produces large amount Even with a small generator, continuous generation of strongly acidic electrolyzed water and strongly alkaline electrolyzed water can be made at 1 L / min each.

Strong acidic water generator FINE OXER-FOW-1000

Strong acidic water generator FINE OXER-FOW-1000
First Ocean
Easy maintenance. The electricity usage fee is only about 29 yen per ton and it is very economical.

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