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Strong acidic water generator (electrolyzed water generator equipment) FINE OXER-FOW-1000

Strong acidic water generator (electrolyzed water generator equipment) FINE OXER-FOW-1000

Strong acidic water generator (electrolyzed water generator equipment)


Made by first ocean corporation

Japanese licence NO.31136345 / USPATENTO No.5674365

At the hospital, dental, welfare facility. This is increasing effects different from original style.

Examples are increasing to use in many ways and purpose.To prevent and removing bacteria in hospital, to wash and clean devices and rooms / And so on.It is not adding salt directly, but keep effect of removing bacteria, is few labor of maintenance and promote hygienic hospital environment.

It is recommended in this environment!

General medical field, dentistry field,ecuperation hospital, health management in the kitchen.歯科分野使用例 »

Strong oxidizing electrolyzed water and alkaline electrolyzed water exhibit high effect.

What is electrolyzed water?

Adding sodium chloride in water and decompose,generate strong oxidizing electrolyzed water and strong alkaline at the same time.Strong oxidizing electrolyzed water exert a strong sterilizing power by the function of the effective chlorine.In other hand, alkaline electrolyzed water have effect melts the protein to become a recent hotbed, has the effect of lowering the dirt.

ファインオキサー電解方式 2隔膜3室型

FINEOXER over in pursuit of ease of use of electrolyzed water.

Chlorine supply system
FINEOXER uses two membrane, and is divided into three chambers: plus pole chamber, medium chamber, minus pole chamber.  According to "Faraday's rule" salt necessary for electrolysis is efficiently supplied from the medium chamber to the positive and negative electrolytic chambers.
Persistence of sterilize power.
The main of sterilize of power, hypochlorous acid which is the main of sterilize power is made by reaction of chlorine gas generated by electrolysis and water. This correspondence is greatly influenced by hydrogen ion and chlorine ion content, but It made it possible to store in a temporary and use since hypochlorous acid water exists stably it should be stored in a temporary tank and use because fine oxygen produces little chlorine ion, and hypochlorous acid water enable to exists stably.
Long-term stable operation.
Electrolyzed water with stable physical properties can be generated by patented technology that does not need reverse cleaning of the electrode. 24 hours continuous operation is also possible. However, in hard water areas scale is deposited on alkaline water pipe and tank, so we recommend installing our soft water softener. Easy to use, economical.
Compact body with easy operation.
Easy maintenance. The electricity usage fee is only about 29 yen per ton and it is very economical.

Common use cases.


Kitchen of a hospital


Food processing plant

electrolytic method 2 diaphragms 3 rooms type
generation ability acidic water、alkaline water each 1L / min at the same time
size 300×370×140mm
weight about7kg
power consumption within 100w
operation continuous operation(no reverse flow)
effrctivenes chlorine 20〜60ppm
amount to use of salt When electrolytic water is generated each1,000L、about200g used

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