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Strong acidic water (strong electrolytic water) generator. ALTRON

Strong acidic water (strong electrolytic water) generator. ALTRON

Strong acidic water (strong electrolytic water) generator.


Publisher ALTEC Corporation

Fully automatic control
Electrolytic operation, reverse electrification operation, switching of water discharge valve, etc. are all carried out automatically by the control system built in the main body.

Compact design
Altron is designed to be compact and lightweight and can be installed under the sink of the kitchen.

Even small size produces large amount.
Even small size produces large amount Even with a small generator, continuous generation of strongly acidic electrolyzed water and strongly alkaline electrolyzed water can be made at 1 L / min each.

Altron capable of fully automatic operation, can be used in various places.

Dentist / hospital


Dentists, hospitals and others use a wide range of strongly acidic water and the amount of use is also increasing. Ideal for places where it is desirable to be able to collect strongly acidic water whenever you want to use it. You can easily configure a system that can always place the necessary highly acidic water in the reservoir tank with full water.

Kitchen ・ Feeding Center

Strongly acidified electrolyzed water certified with food additives is effective for cleaning and disinfecting vegetables and tableware. The use of strongly acidic water is effective because it is less obstacles such as chlorine gas odor and hand roughness than diluting conventional hypochlorite soda solution. Altron is the best system as a compact device that can make strongly acidic water continuously.

Welfare / nursing care workplace.


At the site of welfare nursing care, we are using strongly acidic water for disinfection of equipment and cleansing of fingers. Management is also improved with the use of strongly acidic water, which is far less expensive than commercially available sodium hypochlorite solution and has little influence on the human body. Ideal for washing and disinfecting in large quantities continuously.

Instrument and parts washing.

Strongly acidic water is most suitable for parts cleaning of precision instruments, cleaning and disinfection of non-heatable plastic products. It is effective to use strongly alkaline electrolyzed water to remove grease stains after machine processing and strongly acidic electrolytic water to disinfect. Product cleanliness is also improved by cleaning parts before plating and part cleaning before vacuum evaporation processing.

Cleaning work site.


If you use strongly acidic water to clean the kitchen floor, table etc, you can do a safe and clean cleaning work. Even in the office, the gathering room etc. when using a commercially available medicine, the problems of odor and phytotoxicity of residual chemicals remain. The method of disinfecting with strongly acidic electrolyzed water after removing fat and oil and tobacco smoke with strongly alkaline electrolyzed water is low in cost, it is safe and effective for management improvement of cleaning work.

Strongly acidic (Strong electrolyzed )water generator ALTRON type of product

automatic cleaning by invertion of pole and water way・circulating cleaning inside the main body by medicine liquid(optional correspondence)
the name・style ALTRON
the style of water supply / connection of water supply spouting faucet branch type / branching water fauset set(main stop system)
power supply voltage / rated current AC100V 50/60Hz / 3.2A
size/ weight width 281 x depth 216x height 394(mm) / about 10.5kg
water supply quality / water supply temperature water quality complied with tap water standards / 0℃〜40℃(no freezing)
using water pressure range 0.1〜0.59Mpa(1.0〜6.0kgf/cm)
electrolytic method continuous diaphragm type electrolysis
amount of processed water each about1.0L/min (strongly acisic electrolyzed water / strong alkaline electrolyzed water)
the period to use continuously can be operated 8 hours
electrolytic tank 2 rooms type electrolytic tank・reversible electrode
electrolytic cleaning
water quality of generation ・strongly acisic electrolyzed water within pH2.7 chlorine concentration 10mg/kg〜・strong alkali electrolyzed water pH11.0〜
power supply of electrolytic swiching power constant current control
electrode life span 2000hour(depend on water quality)
internal filter built in pre filter of the main body
iocation of setting indoor・leaving
safety device flow sensor・saline water detection・exchange electrolyze water tank alarm・ protection from overcurrent・detect full or empty of water strage tank

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