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Dissolved Hydrogen Meter KM2100DH


Dissolved Hydrogen Meter KM2100DH is a light and compact degital DH meter with display pannel (96mm high*96mm wide*116mm deep). It became possible to measure dissolved hydrogen in a raminate pack or an alminium bottle of hydrogen water, (electrolized water), activated hydrogen water, and alkali water.

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Hydrogen Gas Concentration Meter UPX4


Hydrogen gas concentration meter UPX4 can measure hydrogen concentrations in the air. It can measure hydrogen generated from hydrogen generators, hydrogen inhalation machines and so on, in units of 10 ppm.

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Portable Dissolved Hydrogen Meter ENH-1000


Like a graph below, the concentration of hydrogen is greatly influenced by water temperature. By adding the temperature to the data of dissolved hydrogen measurement by "dissolved hydrogen meter ENH-1000", you can get certainer measuring report.

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Water Quality Testing Equipment Checker CCW-101-L


2 testing glass bottles are appurtenances of Clean Checker. You can compare tap water, well water, purified water, etc by using them.

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UP corporation, managing this website have been selling and providing information about hydrogen (water) makers, water purifiers and its related products since 1991. And we also assort the cartridges, parts, etc, of the products that the manufacturer, the inport source, and the seller have already disappeared. Your healthy life is our happiness.

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